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Guided High School Coaching

The Guided High School Coaching is 3+ year customized consulting engagement that begins after middle school graduation and continues until college admissions  It is geared towards those who want an early start and what to ensure that course work, extracurricular activities, summer internships, and testing are in sync with the student’s ultimate academic goals.  


  • Evaluate the complete academic and personal history of the student

  • Develop a 3 year academic and extracurricular plan.

  • Coordinate summer internships.

  • Provide guidance of electives, academies, AP, IB, and honors classes.

  • Developing reading list and vocabulary program.  

  • Ensure an early start in test preparation for SAT/ACT .

  • Guidance on testing strategy (test preparation not included)

  • Monitoring and managing the planned 3 year academic roadmap.

  • It includes all the services below

Your college application package is the only variable that you control 100% 

College Admissions Coaching

  • Develop student specific Application Strategy

  • Develop college list for early and regular admission

  • Finalize college majors by university

  • Develop unique angle for Common Application Essays and prepare Essays

  • Develop unique angle for College Specific Essays and prepare Essay.

  • Develop resume content and complete short and long version of resume

  • Develop content for Common Application  (activity sheet, awards and background information)

  • Develop content for Common Application questions (other questions)

  • Prepare letter for obtaining stellar recommendation letters

  • Prepare students for meeting with Alumni

  • Prepare students for on-campus Intervie

  • Preparing for campus visits.

  • Prepare checklists for college application.

  • Keep the student motivated and on track during the application process.

College Admissions Coaching  for Acclerated BS MD Program

  • Includes all the elements of College Admissions Coaching

  • Setting up meetings with doctors, nurses, caregivers, and other experts in the medical field.

  • Mock interivews with AdmissionGurus  coach and others

  • Additional experts may be brought as needed to address any deficiency in the candidate (included in program)

Transfer Admissions Coaching

  • Identify motivation to transfer.

  • Evaluate schools fit to transfer

  • Evaluate past application history.

  • Develop strategy for transfer.

  • Address any shortcomings in students background.

  • Advice on courses to take at your current institution.

  • Monitor progress through the year.

Scholarship Application


  • Support with Scholarship application

  • Updating resume

  • Brainstorm, critique, and develop an angle for Scholarship essays.

  • Ensuring timely completion of scholarship applications










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